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How to get there

Your destination is called Cambrils, Tarragona

Follow the motorways  (from Frankfurt it’s BAB A5 towards Basel, via Mulhouse, Bourg en Bresse, Lyon, Nimes, Perpignan, Barcelona ) general direction south (from  Tarragona the direction is  Valencia)

Your exit is called “Cambrils” and numbered 37 (has a tendency to change!) Road toll in France and Spain from Germany approx. 80 Euros

Flights are available to Barcelona (transfer by train and bus or rental car) and Reus (15 min taxi). Reus is beeing served  by  Ryan Air and various other charter airlines.

Cambrils railway station (local trains to Tarragona) can be reached at 10 minutes walking distance.

If you show this itinerary and adress to a taxi driver, he should be able to drop you at the barrier – which means a walk of about 150 feet. If you can’t locate our apartment – ask for my name. Most people in the urbanisation will know me. Anyway, the photos should help.

Your local adress is

Urbanization Maria Paz
Paseo Maritimo 12
Grupo 1
Appt Nr 112
(nameplate "Hupka" )
43850 Cambrils
GPS Grid Reference:
German: 0588420 / GK4547880
Grade: N 41° 03’ 53,8’’ / E 001° 03’ 08.0’’
or        N 41° 03.895’ / E 001° 03.132’
MGRS 31T OF 06349

Walking from the railway station: cross rails at end of platform. Sneak around construction site towards left. Walk straight down avenue towards sea. When you hit the sea, turn right. Keep the sea to your left walking along about 60 yards just past Restaurant “Angela”. Look out for illuminated sign “Maria Paz” Enter through small passage in bushes. Second stairs to your left are yours.

From Motorway: (please do also note copies of city plan.  Watch out – red line is invalid ! Please follow new green line !)

At the exit , turn left towards Cambrils. Follow the straight road, even if Cambrils is marked (do not follow “Centro ciutat but “N-340”) until you reach the “Carretera N 340” Tarragona /Valencia.  Join the Carretera in direction Tarragona (difficult combination of roundabout and traffic lights – you are turning left) There is a fortified church to your left.

After a rather short distance, maybe 60 m (right before zebra crossing and a small colourful monument), turn off carretera to right into avenue towards “Cambrils Puerto,”. Turn left at end of  avenue in front of Railway station “Renfe”.

At end of road turn right under the bridge. Follow down to the sea.

Turn right.  Follow road around tree and away from the sea until you have a yellowish building to your left. This is the first possible turn to the left. Got to the end, past a Cafeteria and various shops. At the end (second turn possible) go left into dead end towards sea. (cul de sac) t, at the end of the street there is an entrance with a barrier at an “elderly” five level house.



Beware ! The area is currently being re-modelled, So you may have deviations or new traffic guidance.

Enter there, go around a bush/grotto (it’s our open air shower), and take the second and last alley towards the sea.


The terraced houses are your destination. Our apartment is on the top floor of the second house from the front. (Marked “Ihr Eingang” on the picture)

Download respectively print-version of this itinerary:

Itinerary as word document

Itinerary as pdf document

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