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About us

Who are we?

Armin Hupka,
free lance trainer (sales) and consultant.
Has degrees in English and American literature and political science

Silke Hupka
Silke Hupka, does know how to make computers obey. Has university degrees in Education and Psychology


came to us from a dog shelter.

Though he is fairly big, he is well behaved and houseclean. He will only sleep or rest on the floor, never on the furniture.
He shall bring his own blankets and dishes and Master or Mistress will remove his droppings right away. 

You will reach us at:

Silke und Armin Hupka
Wiesenweg 8
65812 Bad Soden/Ts.

Tel. :+49 6196 528315

Fax:+ 49 06196 528299


or your best choice via Email: kontakt@cambrils.de

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