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The Town

Cambrils still is a productive fishing village, where many Spanish families come to dine on fresh fish and spend their weekends. It is only moderately “touristified”.

Currently there are two centres. The port, with its "paseo", many restaurants and shops. The other centre is the "pueblo", the old core where you will find an open market on wednesdays and a covered market.
Both parts are within easy walking distance - less than 5 min.

Many Cambrils residents work in Tarragona. The figure given for inhabitants is appr. 25,000.



You will find further information on the (rather bad) new official Tourist information  Web-Pages and those of the City  council - which aren't any better. At the last try in April 2006 neither English nor German versions worked. Lucky who understands Catalan.

An interactive citymap can be found here.

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