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The Urbanization

Our urbanisation was started in 1960. The last gaps were filled for the Olympics in 1992. These days, many of the owners are Catalan or Spanish. Nevertheless you will still meet mainly Germans, French, Swiss or Dutch people during the main season.
Our row of houses (which actually was the very first to be built) is situated between the beaches named “Horta del Mar” and “La Lhosa”. There is no road between our houses and the beach and no motorized through traffic within hearing distance.  It needs to be said though, that the promenade in front of the house is very busy (and somewhat noisy) in summer.
There are several small grocery stores, bakeries, cafés, a pharmacy and some restaurants within easy reach..

Our beach is sand, but has been stabilized with rock  to stop erosion. Bathing is normally safe. There is a live guard on duty during the season. This is the view from one of those barriers toward the mountains.


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